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Remember the old funny jokes?
Remember the good old sweet songs?
I do, I do
If you asked me
Remember the day when it was raining so heavily?
All we could see was a misty cloud
I do, I do,
If you asked me so
To every fellow I know;
my love is like every raindrop racing on the window;
billions of it
if you ever wonder it
Remember the deep conversation we had?
Late at night; when no one cares
I do, I do,
if you asked me to
though the sun has already risen 
We kept on talking like it is a midnight time
To every fellow I know
My love to you is like an immortal Heaven
and as wide as sky of Seventh.
I do, I do
remember all the small things we did
because it’s another real tale of my life.

By: Qurratul Ain (Me)